The green way to fuel the world.
We are a company specialised in the development and construction of plants for the production of hydrogen and oxygen through an innovative hydrolytic process powered by renewable energy sources. We carry out projects on our own account and in financial partnership with selected investors.

We promote the energy transition

Hydrogenia promotes energy transition through two start-ups, respectively dedicated to the research, investment and management of Green Hydrogen plants and to the marketing of hydrogen and oxygen, the two outputs of the production process.

Hydrogenia develops the Ultrapure Green Hydrogen value chain through research activities and decarbonisation projects.

The Technology division develops plants dedicated to the production of Green Hydrogen and also realises them through equity partnership with subsequent marketing of the two outputs.

Towards a green and efficient future.

Hydrogen is the fuel of tomorrow: produced through diversified processes, it is an increasingly central element for the production of clean energy.
Already used in the petrochemical, food and steel sectors, it is also gradually spreading in the mobility sector.

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