About us

We produce Ultrapure Green Hydrogen, both through our own patented technologies, and through licensing agreements on third party technologies.
We are leaders in innovation: the research team is constantly evolving and engaged on various fronts in the development of initiatives and project activities.

Hydrogenia develops the Ultrapure Green Hydrogen value chain through research activities and decarbonisation projects: the division specialises in the development of innovative technologies and related patents for the production of Ultrapure Green Hydrogen. Hydrogenia also operates on the market through licensing agreements for patented technologies, establishing strategic partnerships and defining national and international agreements.

The Operations division develops plants dedicated to the production of Green Hydrogen and also realises them through equity partnership with subsequent marketing of the two outputs, hydrogen and oxygen. In particular, the Business Unit addresses the planning and administrative authorisation of a portfolio of initiatives on the national territory and in the Mediterranean basin.

Team Hydrogenia

Even in a “futuristic” sector like that of green hydrogen, it is always people who make the difference and determine the success of a project. Our team is made up of professionals with an important and long experience in the field of alternative energies. We have a dedicated research team and have a track record of success.

Gian Luca Greco
Chairman & CEO

Gian Luca Ballero Della Dea
Head of Legal & Compliance

Roberto Manzoni
Head of Merger & Acquisitions

Angelo Scalone
Head of Operations

Cristiana Dolcino
Chairman & CEO Assistant

Alessandro Donetti
Head of Project Development

Andrea Bottino
Chief Financial Officer

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